• Kristan’s Interior Painting Color Scheme

    Kristan Cunningham, host and lead designer of television’s Design on a Dime suggests the following interior paint color scheme as inspiration for your home color palette. Coincidentally, several of her color suggestions are derived from nature.

    Anjou Pear

    Ochre — a moderate orange yellow

    "While lemon and canary yellows can overwhelm and sometimes flatten the look of a room, the caramel undertones of a good ochre create a warmth that candlelight and cognac wish they could! I like Anjou Pear (SW6381) as a flattering ochre."


    Charcoal — a dark grayish brown to black color

    "Charcoal like Sherwin-William’s™ Software (SW7074) has proven to have legs as an all around great neutral. It's a terrific way to get the weight that black can provide, while still acting as a color. Plus it's got that great fuzzy depth to it."


    Navy — a dark shade of blue

    "It doesn’t get any more timeless than navy — in fashion and in home décor. While summer pairs it with crisp white, fall begs for it to be partnered with yummy gray wools and lots of dark wood. Naval (SW6244) is a perfect example of this iconic color."

    Dignity Blue

    Peacock Blue — a moderate greenish blue

    "I can't think of a single color that excites me the way peacock blue does, and Fall is the perfect season for it to strut it’s stuff! Pair a perfect peacock like Dignity Blue (SW 6804) with charcoal and ochre for a color scheme with sophisticated personality."


    Aubergine — a dark purplish color

    "If you’re looking to add some zip to an earthy palette in the fall season without going overboard, this is the perfect shade. Instead of red, which can be a little punchy, Aubergine gives you a not so neutral look, while maintaining a sophisticated depth. A great example of the color is Mesmerize (SW6544)."


    Moss Green — a moderate to dark yellow, olive, or grayish green

    "If you need to make your summer white and creams instantly feel a little cozier, add some moss green to the mix. The look is earthy and deep, but still fresh — the best of both worlds! Edamame (SW7729) is great for this look."

  • Kristan’s Interior Painting Color Scheme

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